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Current Execs

Chairman: Elizabeth Bliss

Vice-Chairman: Mariya Zagalskaya

Secretary: Jeffrey Martin

Treasurer: Skyler Alsever

Webmaster: Binam Kayastha

Committee Chairs

Projects: Alex Briskman, Quyen Hoang

Public Relations: Linnea Brown, Syed Ayaz Naeem

Annual Events: Monineath Khun, Thomas Brown

Provisions and Accommodations: Michael Inserra (aka. The capacitor)

Committee Meeting Times A-Term 2016

Public Relations: Thursdays, 6pm at IEEE Lounge
Annual Events: TBA
Projects: Tuesdays, 7pm at AK 233
Provisions and Accommodations: Contact Mike Inserra

Why should I join?

Join IEEE and become a part of the world's largest professional association, dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence! Our main goal is to expose students to IEEE and promote values of IEEE by holding various activites for student members throughout the year. Student membership allows access to conferences and local events!

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